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one beautiful place


About us

We are the ones who are always waiting for you!

What kind of music do we sound? Different! We sing, we dance, we have fun. Our guests love pop, rock, latino, disco, modern melodies, cool remixes ... sometimes we dance folk dances. People of all ages and different nationalities feel comfortable in our bar. We have music to suit the mood of our guests. But we really don't like the chalga. This is also possible ... but not for long :))

Our credo

We drink, we sing, we dance!


We love to sing


We love to dance


We love to drink

How we rest

Friendly atmosphere

It features soft sofas, comfortable armchairs and high bar tables. You can relax while standing, sitting, lying down, or just dancing on the dance floor. The most popular place is the bar counter.
Wiev Gallery

What do we drink

Alcohol and ...

Our bar has a large selection of alcohol: whiskey, vodka, wine, beer, cocktails, soft drinks. For five years of work, we have chosen what our clients drink. You can see prices and drinks in our menu.
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What do our guests say about us?

We love to be praised. If you liked it with us - write your review.
We will be pleased. If you don’t like it, you’d better not write. We do not tolerate criticism well.
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Pomorie, Pr. Sroyanov 5 - Atrium